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A major OEM in the metrology and precision optical instrumentation industry recently approached Belt Technologies seeking drive tapes for its new line of coordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

The company has been incorporating stainless steel drive tapes into their machines for nearly twenty years. The metal drive tapes are used to actuate the CMM inspection cameras on the X-Y plane. Almost ready to launch its new and improved generation of CMMs, the OEM was committed to achieving a design that would exhibit highly precise positional accuracy.

Metrology Equipment Depends on High Accuracy and Precision for Effective Results

CMMs are mechanical systems designed to determine coordinate points on a workpiece and provide precise measurements of components for the purpose of design, testing, profiling, and reverse engineering. CMMs are used to verify the manufacturing processes for extremely complex equipment, including medical devices and aerospace vehicles. The manufacturers using these machines stake their reputations on producing parts and equipment to specification. In order for coordinate measuring machines to be effective, they must have reliable positional capabilities to determine accurate coordinate points on workpiece surfaces.

Drive Tapes by Belt Technologies Achieve Ultimate Positional Accuracy

Metal drive tapes by Belt Technologies are made of the same high-quality materials as our stainless steel conveyor belts. They can be fitted with specialized attachments or perforations as needed. Stainless steel drive tapes are able to resist extreme environments and are highly sanitary. They are used for a variety of applications including:

  • linear drive tapesMetrology equipment
  • Robotics
  • Automated manufacturing equipment
  • Carriage positioning in printing and cutting applications
  • Optical element drives

Over time, motion loss and backlash of timing belts can cause inaccurate positioning and movement. Stainless steel drive tapes are virtually unstretchable and are able to perform with near-zero backlash, making them the ideal choice for metrology applications that require a high level of positional accuracy.

The client was satisfied with the operational accuracy their CMMs were able to attain with their new stainless steel drive tapes. When accuracy is paramount, OEMs trust Belt Technologies to provide custom solutions that will achieve precision results. Would your automated system design benefit from the long-lasting reliability of metal drive tapes? Contact the experts at Belt Technologies today!