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Serving the Food Industry: Stainless Steel Metal Conveyor Belts for Food Processing and Handling

The food processing industry uses some of the most advanced and diverse conveyor automation technologies available; their systems feature customized, innovative handling processes that suit the needs of specific edible products. From meat and seafood to frozen pizzas and ice cream, stainless steel metal conveyor belts are excellent for the cooking, freezing, and handling of edible products. They have proven to be versatile, durable, and easy to design and manufacture for any food processing system requiring exceptional results.

The Unique Properties of Metal Conveyor Belts Make Them Ideal for the Automated Food Processing Industry

Preserve Flavor for the Best Product Results

Taste is one of the most important qualitative measures for any food. Plastic and rubber conveyor belts emit different gases (known as outgas) that can affect the quality of materials as they are handled. Metal conveyor belts do not outgas and do not require lubrication, which means there is no risk to the flavor or quality of edible products. Unlike conventional conveyor materials, metal belts will not fray or generate particulates that would otherwise contaminate food products and may affect consumers.

Easy to Clean and Sanitize

food grade stainless steel conveyor belt

Endless metal belts have a flat, nonporous surface and will not absorb bacteria.

The FDA requirements for food processing equipment are particularly strict. Every effort must be taken to avoid the spread of bacteria and disease. Luckily, cleaning is easy with stainless steel metal belt conveyor systems. Endless metal belts have a flat, nonporous surface and will not absorb bacteria. Unlike plastic belts, they are not susceptible to the chips, scratches, or pits that can become safe havens for contaminant agents. Designed for easy access, metal belt conveyor systems from Belt Technologies are easy to sanitize between uses, which saves time and maintenance costs. Choose the cleaning method that works best for your product and facility; stainless steel belts are resistant to chemical corrosion and can be sanitized with chemical sprays, hot pressure washing, or steam pressure.

Perfect for Cooking and Freezing Applications

Metal belts are highly resistant to extreme temperatures, able to withstand high heat without losing their shape, and can easily transition from a cooking stage to a freezing stage in a food-handling process. They last much longer and are more reliable than plastic conveyor belts in extreme temperatures. Great thermal conductivity means that stainless steel metal belts are excellent for cooking and handling raw materials. Food is cooked thoroughly and evenly thanks to the quick, even transference of heat.

Customized Metal Belt Conveyor Systems for Your Food Processing Application

food grade stainless steel conveyor belt

Stainless steel metal belts have proven to be versatile, durable, and easy to design and manufacture for any type of food processing system.

Our highly trained and experienced engineers can design, develop, and manufacture a complete, stainless steel metal conveyor belt system to service the specific needs of your food-handling application. Having troubles with an automated system that is handling edible products? We are more than happy to work with you to design or redesign a retrofit solution that will integrate with your current food-handling system.

Our stainless steel metal belts are widely used in almost every food-handling industry application, including fast food, dairy, frozen food, seafood, and others. Would your automated food processing system benefit from the unique attributes of stainless steel metal belts? Call or request a quote today!

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