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Open Area Calculator for Perforated Metal Belts

The open area of a perforated metal belt is defined as the ratio of surface area to perforations. This open area is typically expressed as a percentage. For example, a belt with an open area of 20% would consist of 80% solid metal and 20% perforations. Calculating open area helps to ensure that the ratio will be balanced, and the structural integrity of the belt can be maintained throughout its operational lifespan.

Perforations on metal belts can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Holding products in place (used with vacuum suction)
  • Integrating as part of optical positioning systems
  • Product indexing

There are a variety of different perforation shapes and sizes, depending on the intended function of the belt. Different calculations must be applied to calculate the open area of the belt, based on the type of perforation shape and pattern being used.