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AGAWAM, MA, April 2016—Belt Technologies, Inc., a leading producer of stainless steel conveyor belt systems, reports an increase of OEMs in the food processing industry who are choosing solid stainless steel conveyors for their automation applications. The company has seen a surge of inquiries from manufacturers in the food processing industry in recent months.

“Our solid stainless steel conveyor belts are an excellent match for food processing applications,” says Belt Technologies president, Alan Wosky. “The unique physical properties of stainless steel solve a number of FDA-compliance issues. Stainless steel also provides higher quality and product throughput. OEMs in the food processing industry have been approaching us to develop custom solutions for their automation needs and our team has delivered excellent results.”

Stainless steel conveyor systems are ideal for the food processing industry, where health regulations are necessarily strict. Studies have shown that bacteria and microbes are less likely to adhere to the smooth surface of stainless steel. Stainless steel is also highly durable and therefore less likely to develop dents or scratches into which bacteria can hide. Its resistance to corrosive elements allows operators to sanitize stainless steel conveyor equipment using any required method, such as high-pressure steam or chemical cleaners. Stainless steel is also resilient against temperature extremes, making it ideal for both high heat or freezing processes.

Belt Technologies, Inc. is the world leader in conveyor system solutions, producing full metal conveyor systems, metal conveyor belts, drive tapes, and timing belts for a variety of industries. The increased demand for food processing conveyor equipment has been driven by the superior ability of stainless steel to fulfill the needs of the industry as well as the expert quality delivered by the team at Belt Technologies.

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