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Medical Tubing Manufacturer Automated Production Process with Vertical Metal Conveyor Belt from Belt Technologies, Inc.

Бер 30, 2017 | Case Studies, Video Case Studies

Belt Technologies, Inc. regularly attends technology trade shows throughout North America and Europe. At these conferences, our team meets with OEMs to discuss potential partnerships and ways by which we can better serve our customers. After learning more about the many benefits and possible configurations for our stainless steel conveyor belt systems, one medical equipment OEM opted to contact us and inquire about the possibility of automating its labor-intensive medical tubing production process.

Automating a Manual Production Process

The tubing for this medical equipment OEM had to be made in specific shapes. The previous manufacturing process was much more manual, requiring workers to hang the tubes on the belt in the perfect position before sending them through a heated processing sequence. This method of production was slow and very vulnerable to mistakes, malfunctions, and defects. The medical OEM was seeking an automated solution that would make the process more efficient by speeding up production and increasing product quality.

Unique Design Elements for Specialized Applications

Customers choose Belt Technologies, Inc. because we have the ability to design and manufacture metal conveyor belt systems completely customized for the unique needs of each application. This particular application required highly specialized elements that would automate production and sort and place the medical tubing before reaching the oven.

The conveyor we designed is oriented vertically in a carousel style. Instead of hanging the tubing in position by hand, the new metal belt is perforated with holes of varying size that can easily accommodate different sizes of tubing. Robotic arms now reach down to pick up and place the tubing into the correct holes.

Metal Conveyors Achieve a Higher Rate of Production

Our team worked with the client over time to perfect the perforation pattern, timing, and configuration of the new stainless steel conveyor system. With the new conveyor system in place, the medical OEM has experienced higher product throughput and more consistent product quality.

To find out how stainless steel conveyor belts can make your production process more reliable and efficient, contact the experts at Belt Technologies, Inc. today.


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