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Stainless Steel Retaining Belt for Low-Head Hydroelectric Turbine

Кві 4, 2017 | Case Studies

An OEM producing low-head, hydroelectric turbines approached Belt Technologies, Inc. seeking production of a high-precision retaining belt. The company was referred to us by a manufacturer who produces similar equipment and who is familiar with the quality of our stainless steel conveyor belts, timing belts, and drive tapes. The hydroelectric turbine OEM’s design called for a retaining belt that could hold a series of magnets and then spin around the power-generation coil. They sought a smooth, seamless metal belt able to operate while in contact with water without warping or deteriorating.

Resilient Stainless Steel Will Not Corrode or Rust in Hydraulic Applications

To produce electricity, the OEM continuously rotates a series of magnets around a power-generation coil. These turbines are designed to operate underwater, and therefore, every component needed to be resistant to corrosion.

Stainless steel is highly durable. It has the ability to withstand sustained exposure to extreme environments, such as continuous friction, without warping or breaking. It is also highly resistant to corrosion, making it ideal for applications that require long-term exposure to corrosive materials or environments. In an application where the metal is exposed to water for the duration of its operation, stainless steel is an excellent choice, as it will not deteriorate or rust.

Seamless Laser Welding Techniques Are Durable and Precise

Accuracy was the most important factor our engineers had to consider when producing the metal retaining belt. The belt was designed to fit over a particular housing and hold all of the magnets in place. The dimensions were highly precise and had to be +/ 0.010 on the length after welding. Our high-quality, proprietary laser welding methods were an important asset to this project. Using these methods, our engineers were able to meet the customer’s exact specifications for the diameter and thickness of the retaining belt. The final product had a strong weld that would not break under tension.

Custom Solutions from the World’s Best Metal Belt Experts

The customer is currently manufacturing prototypes of their product, so it was especially important that our team provide a high-quality, accurate part that would help validate their design and successfully prove their concept. Our team provided them with a seamless precision retaining belt made of 301 hard stainless steel that will not corrode underwater.

The team at Belt Technologies, Inc. has the knowledge and experience to provide custom metal belt solutions for a wide range of applications. Contact us today and find out how stainless steel belts can help you today.

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