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Belt Technologies produces metal cylinders using the same high-quality stainless steel alloys as our world-class conveyor belts. Cylinders, also known as tubes or sleeves, can be produced in a wide range of widths, lengths, and diameters as required by customer application.

Stainless Steel Cylinder Material Properties and Advantages

Stainless steel is a versatile material that is resistant to chemical corrosion and physical impact. It has a high thermal coefficient of expansion, making it ideal for automation applications that deal with extreme temperatures. It also has a very high strength-to-weight ratio, making our stainless steel cylinders incredibly durable and versatile.

Belt Technologies has experience producing stainless steel tubes for electric motors, generators, and turbines. Cylinders are typically produced from 300-series stainless steel, but material options are easily adjusted based on customer preference or application requirements. Our experienced engineers can work with your team to determine the optimal stainless steel alloy to maximize your product performance.

Customized Metal Cylinders for Your Automated Application

Our expert welders are able to produce stainless steel cylinders with very high ID/OD tolerance requirements. Cylinder ID/OD tolerance requirements typically range from .005”.008”. The average diameter range varies between 2” to 10”, though Belt Technologies has produced cylinders up to 66.8” for industrial application equipment. Width, however, is limited to a standard 35” maximum. We can also readily provide surface coatings or perforation patterns via our in-house laser perforation services, if necessary.

Many companies will augment cylinders with attachments after receiving them. In some applications, metal sleeves are designed to be expanded with intense heat, put into place, and then allowed to cool in position. Our expert engineers are able to provide correct adjustments for reliable and accurate inner/outer diameters so your assembly process can be completed without any unexpected issues.

When it comes to high-tolerance cylinders, Belt Technologies will provide expert advice, precise dimensions, and reliable service to ensure your cylinders perform as expected. To learn more about stainless steel cylinders, contact us today.

To learn more about stainless steel tubes, sleeves and cylinders, contact us today.

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