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AGAWAM, MA, April 20, 2016—A major pharmaceutical packaging application OEM has selected Belt Technologies (Europe) to produce stainless steel conveyor belts that will be included in a new sterilization tunnel system. Belt Technologies, Inc. specializes in the design and manufacturing of solid, stainless steel conveyor belts for a variety of industries, including food processing, robotics, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

“Stainless steel metal conveyor belts are an excellent choice for the pharmaceutical packaging and processing industries,” said sales and marketing manager, Ivan Amaya, “Metal belts are sanitary, easy to clean, and do not generate particulates, which makes them a perfect option for environments where cleanliness is paramount.”

The OEM had previously used a mesh wire belt, which had proven to be too unstable; it could not move items without sending some over the sides of the belt. Belt engineers consulted with the client’s design team and suggested changes, such as adding lateral belts, to improve stability.

Now, each sterilization tunnel will incorporate two solid stainless steel metal conveyor belts by Belt Technologies. The solid belts will operate in tandem to keep products stable where the mesh wire belts failed to do so. They will also achieve a smooth operating motion without the need for lubrication. Metal belts do not outgas or generate particulates, which makes them a perfect choice for highly sanitary environments. In addition, their resistance to intensely high temperatures enables metal conveyor belts to survive the sterilization process.

About Belt Technologies, Inc.
Belt Technologies, Inc. has been producing custom metal belt conveyor solutions for new and existing conveyor systems for more than five decades. Sophisticated engineering, advanced manufacturing processes, and an unlimited variety of configurations and coatings help tailor custom-designed belts to any application. Metal belts, timing belts, and metal drive tapes are superior, high-quality options for automated production and robotic facilities. To learn more about Belt Technologies and metal conveyor belts, visit

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