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Agawam, MA — September 10, 2010…. Belt Technologies has introduced a new high-performance line of stainless steel drive tapes used in conjunction with SCARA robots in atmospheric and vacuum wafer transport applications. The tapes provide significant advantages over alternative drive methods including reduced vibration, improved accuracy, and a cleaner manufacturing environment. Reinforced with standard or custom end tabs, Belt Technologies drive tapes are easy to install.

The low-mass, low-stretch properties of these tapes result in precision tolerances with no outgassing and low hysteresis. Smooth surfaces provide for a much cleaner manufacturing environment by eliminating the particulate debris that is a common bi-product of traditional systems. Designed to minimize vibration, these stainless steel drive tapes allow for rapid acceleration, improved positioning accuracy, and high levels of repeatability; resulting in better performance with increased throughput. Belt Technologies stainless steel drive tapes can be customized for specific applications in the nano-technology, solar and fuel cell, data storage, opto-electronics, LCD/LED, pharmaceutical, and biotech industries.

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