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Covid 19 Notice

March 19, 2020
Re:      COVID-19

The health of our employees, customers and their families remains our highest priority, followed by maintaining our capacity to meet all of our customer’s needs.   Given these unprecedented times, we wish to verify to you our operating status and share some of the additional precautions we have taken to date.

As of today, Belt Technologies is operating at its full normal capacity.  Our supply chains are generally U.S. based and have not as yet been impacted by the pandemic.  We have no confirmed cases among our employees, or any known vendor or recent visitor, and our attendance remains within normal bounds.

We have implemented a number of extra precautions to ensure the safety of our workforce and minimize any potential disruptions to our customers.

  • We are increasing the frequency and thoroughness of our cleaning and sanitizing efforts, focused on public areas throughout the office and factory. We have added hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes in key areas, including at Reception for any critical visitor.
  • We have continuously emphasized the importance of proper handwashing with all employees, noting specific recommendations from the World Health Organization.
  • We have suspended all unnecessary travel.
  • We remain in constant contact with our key suppliers to stay informed of any changes that may impact our operations.

I am hopeful that this update addresses any questions you may have on this issue, but please feel free to contact me or your Sales Engineer with any additional questions.  If our situation changes, we will endeavor to notify you in the timeliest possible manner, and discuss the impact with you, as applicable.

We appreciate your continued support of Belt Technologies.

Best Regards,
Brian Harbison, Managing Director – Belt Technologies Europe Ltd
Al Wosky, President, Denis Gagnon, CEO – Belt Technologies, Inc.